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im onyx and this is my web site :3

still under construction! >.<

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im a purple foxgirl with lots of silly hobbies ^.^

this website is just my purrsonal little place on the web :3
im just gonna decorate it to look like me and put allll the neat things i make here :3
i hope you like it ^.^

heres some impurrtant stuff about mee :3

uwu ) im awwwwwwwnyx :3 (formerly owonyx :3) ((actual name onyx but i like making silly web names :3))
    ├──* she/they pronouns :3
    ├──* im sort of a girl-like thing ♀♪♫♪♫
    ├──* part fox in a gender or therian-ish way >w<
    │    ≈≈≈
    ├──* im polyamorous and have three very cute trans girlfriends ♥ ☻
    ├──* i enjoy lots of things! making art and coding and stuff :3
    ├──* i like to do age regression y things sometimes , it makes me hapby
    └──* my hair is very fluffy and scrunkly ,,-w-,,

also check out my friends linked to on the button section of the left side bar!
especially umeja, one of my partners ,,>w<,,

lets be web friends! >w< you can add my button like this:

<a href="https://nyxnet.neocities.org">
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im part of the mante (ma ante pi ijo ante) web ring! check it out ^.^

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